Tyler N Turner
Conservation Biologist
MS Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University 
BS Molecular Biology, Florida Institute of Technology
BS General Biology, Florida Institute of Technology
About Me
 As a biologist, I have made it my mission to gain experience and research in a broad variety of fields.  My interests are focused on ecology, conservation, and genetics.  I have worked with private, academic, and government agencies on a wide range of projects and species.  Projects include health and risk assessment studies around the state of Florida on bottlenose dolphin and West Indian manatee, rehabilitation of stranded pilot whales in Key Largo, reintroduction of Mexican wolves in Arizona, and genetic sampling and analyzing of rock ptarmigan in the Aleutian Islands.  I have also worked for years around Florida and the Caribbean as an ecotour guide.  I believe that it is our responsibility as biologists to educate and inform the public in fun and unique ways so that everyone has an opportunity to appreciate nature and the ecosystems around them.

Currently I am working on my master’s thesis with Dr. Karen Root at Bowling Green State University. I am researching the effects of human land use on local bat populations.  Specifically, I am looking at the activity and distribution of bats on both homogenous and heterogenous agricultural landscapes, as well as paired site analysis and citizen science data collected in the Oak Openings Park near Maumee, OH.  Data collection was collected through non-invasive acoustic sampling. I hope to use these results to identify management plans for farmland and our natural preserves.
  My goal is to combine the various aspects of my past and current research into a job in management and conservation.​  I would like to continue working with multiple disciplines and species to increase my understanding of the natural world as a whole.  It is also my aim to continue education and outreach programs to increase public awareness for local, national, and worldwide conservation efforts.

- Tyler Turner
Green sea turtle, St. Thomas, USVI