Tyler N Turner
Conservation Biologist
MS Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University 
BS Molecular Biology, Florida Institute of Technology
BS General Biology, Florida Institute of Technology
Research and Publications

Current Research:

" Effects of human land use on the activity, diversity, and distribution of native bat species"  Bowling Green State University - Most recently, I have been working with Dr. Karen Root, looking at the effects of agricultural landscapes on local bats.  I took multifaceted approach (driving transects, overnight monitoring sites, and walking surveys), utilizing acoustic data collected in the field along with multiple years worth of citizen science data to identify bat activity and distribution and the possible management implications.
Paper (PDF)

Past Research:

Arizona Game and Fish Department “Tracking and Management of Mexican Wolves” - Alpine, Arizona (Oct 2015) – Set traps to capture Mexican Grey Wolves. Duties included handling animals, drawing blood, vaccinating, collaring, setting trap lines, and tracking using radio telemetry.

Numerous Authors and Researchers. “Health and Risk Assessment of West Indian Manatees” – University of Miami, Clearwater, FL (Feb. 2014) – Captured and sampled West Indian Manatee to assess health, sample, and tag in the crystal river.  Set net lines, handled, transported and restrained animals.  

Marine Mammal Conservancy, Rehabillitation of stranded Pilot Whales - Helped lead a five month long rehabillitation effort of stranded pilot whales in Key Largo.  Assisted with physical therapy, feedings, blood draws, medication, nebulizations, and transportation of animals.

Numerous Authors and Researchers. “Health and Environmental Risk Assessment of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon” -Florida Atlantic University (2011) Captured and sampled bottlenose dolphins in the Indian River to assess the overall health of the river.  Captured and restrained animals, assisted with blood draws, health assessment, and release. 

Pruett CP, Turner TN, Topp CM, Zagrebelny SV, Winker K, (2009) “Divergence in an archipelago and its conservation consequences in Aleutian Island rock ptarmigan Conservation Genetics Journal - Extracted and amplified microsatellite DNA samples from rock ptarmigan tissues to assess diveregence among isolated populations in Alaska.

Turner, Ted. Feucht, Todd. Turner, Tyler (2009) "Training and Behavior Management." Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals. 3rd ed.
Administiring nebulization treatments for a stranded pilot whale in Key Largo, FL.